Not All Snacks Are Made Equal

We get it! Snacking well is just as important as breakfast, lunch and dinner, if not more! Getting hold of a snack that is deliciously tempting, fulfilling and great for you isn’t always easy, especially when you’re on the go or in a rush and need a quick fix. In fact, an all-in-one bite to eat that’s tasty, filling and healthy was probably too good to be true until now, but we’ve got just the thing to make your snacking and life appetizingly easier!

Introducing the latest addition to the Summer Fresh Family; Snack’n Go Salads. Each salad has fantastic nutritional benefits and is packed with superfoods for a healthy nutritional boost that will keep you satisfied longer between meals. What could be better than a fresh, great tasting, portable snack-size salad made with real and simple ingredients?

From every kind of bean to pearl barley, from gourmet rice to juicy apricots and raisins, from lentils and couscous to Kalamata olives, fresh herbs and vegetables – each salad has a world of tantalizing flavours waiting for you to discover!

Snack’n Go Salads come in 5 delicious varieties: Five Bean – Super Charge, Multi-grain Quinoa – Energy, Nine-Grain – Balance, Power Grain – Boost, and Tabouleh – Detox.  Packed with wholesome grains, fresh vegetables, and healthy plant-based protein and fibre, our Snack’n Go Salads fuel your body with delicious, nutrient-rich, real food!

Super charge through your day with our zesty and protein filled Five Bean Salad. Energize your al-desko lunch with our fruitful Multigrain Quinoa or get a much-needed boost from a blend of good fats and fibre with Power Grain. For a balanced mid-afternoon pick-me-up, our wholesome Nine Grain blend is another wonderful choice and our kale-laden Tabouleh is a yum way to get your detox on.

All our Snack’n Go Salads are vegetarian, have less than 200 calories, are less than 10g fat, have no added preservatives and no added sugar. With five perfectly portioned flavours to choose from, no matter what you are juggling, snacking well on the go just got easier, tastier, and better!

With a handy snap-off spoon, they are a great accompaniment to whatever feat you have in mind for the day. Pop one into your lunch bag, gym bag, personal carry-on or road-trip munchies bag! Our Snack’n Go Salads are also fabulous with your favourite protein or green salad, after a workout, for tasty mid-afternoon snacking and as a healthy side to any meal.

You might be on the go but taking some time out to eat and fuel yourself properly is as important as getting through that ever-growing to-do list! So, no matter what you are up to, there’s a Snack’n Go salad option that is just perfect for you!